PIA A320 Crashes In Pakistan 2020

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK 8303 crashed while attempting to landing in Karachi on 22 May. Flight 8303 was en route from Lahore when it crashed near the airport after conducting a go around and during its second landing attempt. The flight was operated by A320 AP-BLD. This aircraft is tracked via MLAT, which means it does not broadcast position information via ADS-B. Flightradar24’s position data for MLAT tracked flights is calculated by the time difference of signal arrival to four receivers. If fewer than four receivers see the aircraft, position data cannot be calculated, thus limiting the positional data available for this flight. Altitude data is broadcast and altitude data was received from PK8303.

PK8303 Altitude Data

PIA A320 CRASHES IN PAKISTAN Altitude data show a typical climb, cruise, and descent, followed by a go around and at least one additional landing attempt.

PK8303 limited position data

Near Lahore, data was received by at least four receivers allowing us to calculate positions for the flight for a short period of time.

PK8303 aircraft information

PIA A320 CRASHES IN PAKISTAN PK8303 was operated by A320 AP-BLD (MSN 2274). The aircraft is powered by two CFM-56 engines. Pakistan International Airlines acquired the A320 in October 2014. It was originally delivered to China Eastern Airlines in September 2004. Source PIA Website
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